Conservatory Sales Get Affected By Severe Weather

The heavy snowfall and prolonged winter season has worse affected the sales of the conservatories. Over 30 years, this year has shown the worst weather conditions throughout UK. Usually the people start planning for their home improvement project and conservatories in January but snow has delayed all their plans and slower down the sales of conservatories. The sales of the conservatories have gone down to half as compared with previous year sales and this slow market will continue even in February as the winter season will continue.Conservatories, conservatories sale

The turnover of conservatory providers was in negative until October but after that they make up by a sale high of 5%. But after that in November, December and January the snowfall and cold has severely affected the region and that is why the people planning to install a cheap conservatory structure in their house have delayed their plans.

Even the government has increased the VAT charges from 17.5% to 20%, which means now the conservatory prices will get an extra addition of around £250. The hiked prices might also push back the homeowners but the affect seems to be minimal as the advantages of installing a conservatory are more than the increased VAT charges.

The falling house prices and recession has also pushed down the conservatory sale, however people have overcome that situation and prefer to extend their property. The homeowners prefer to install a conservatory instead of buying a new house as this way they can save good lot of money and still get extra-added space to live.

Other disruptions in conservatories sale other than severe weather conditions include general elections and world cup. The people are busy watching World Cup and hearing the different contestants of elections that is why they get no time to plan about having a conservatory in their house.

The conservatories sale is thus affected by not only weather conditions but also by election, World Cup and recession. If the weather improves then the people will like to come out from their houses and shop for their new conservatory.