Building Work Specifications of Cheap Conservatory


Most of the time, we ask the manufacturer or the installer to build a conservatory but before ordering for a cheap conservatory it is always better to go through the whole procedure of building work. This will help you in maintaining product quality, detailing and good servicing during the conservatory installation.

This will make the homeowner to remain aware of the steps coming forward during the installation procedure and help the installer by offering specific details of that particular area where the conservatory will be installed. The conservatories building work needs high specification as well as tight tolerance to carry out the work.

The foundation of the conservatory is around 600mm deep and 500mm wide but it varied with individual’s requirements and might get lot deeper. Now the concrete is poured in the trench till 150 mm below ground level and the space will be used to erect the cavity wall. The cavity walls are erected to the agreed height that includes the damp proof course. The height of the cheap conservatory varies with the style, as different conservatory styles need different height and width.

In the perimeter hardcore is filled and then topped with sharp sand to make cushion for damp proof membrane. After the damp proof membrane, a 50 mm dense polystyrene material layer is placed for insulation. At last, a 100 mm of concrete layer goes above the polystyrene.

According to one’s requirement, you can go for plastering of the structure too. After the conservatory is erected, a 50 to 70 mm of sand as well as cement floor is layered in the conservatory to complete the building work of conservatory. After the building of the basic structure of the cheap conservatory, homeowner can then add doors and windows of his or her choice.

The conservatory prices can be slashed down by opting alternative of the commonly used expensive material. The material of the door and windows can be either UPVC wood depending on the style of the conservatory and budget of the homeowner. Nowadays, you can have upvc doors and windows with wooden finish, which matches with r home style and comes with energy efficient feature.