Planning Permission Required For the UPVC Conservatories


UPVC conservatories are gaining huge popularity among the homeowners owing to their availability in minimal budget. However, before using the extended space and installing a conservatory, it is advised that one checks the local regulation. It is necessary that the homeowner gets the planning permission for the building practices in order to ensure the agreement of the neighbourhood.

For instance, if you have bought a new house, then the alterations made by the previous owner will be considered as null and void. It is advised that you ask and confirm from the local council and clear all your doubts regarding the installation of the conservatories.

UPVC conservatories are built on the basic guidelines and so usually do not need any such planning permission. However, it is still advised to get the planning permission in certain conditions. For instance, if the structure is not built at the ground level and also if the floor area exceeds 30 square meters, the homeowner will require the planning permission.

If the structure is facing a road or built on an area which is 50% more around the original house, then you need to take the planning permission. This means that one cannot cover more than half of the external boundary of the overall structure. 75% of the conservatory roof is required to be covered by either polycarbonate or glass. The electrical installation in the structure must be in respect to the regulations of the building commission.

For instance, the conservatory structure must definitely not hinder the access of the ladder to the windows. The windows must be kept clear from any hindrance as they are the openings in case of fire escapes. Also, if you are making any kind of alterations in the roof where the new setting is more than 150mm, you will require the planning permission.

Even the balconies and verandas are covered under the regulations of the planning commission. The homeowners require permission while restructuring both the exterior and interior extensions of the conservatory. Keeping these doubts clear from the planning commission will help you keep a check on your conservatory prices.