Conservatory factors that will make your summers more pleasing

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Conservatories have been popular since a long time and you are missing something really wonderful if you don’t have one.  We help clients finding the best deal on conservatories and relish this pleasure without having to pay more. I am sometimes bombarded with questions related to conservatories and what can make them more viable for summers. Now I finally came up with four things that should help.

1. Windows: Gone are the days for age old wooden windows that crackle with a blow of wind. It is time to think smart and save you from those crackling sounds and get some energy-efficient windows. You might have installed a wonderful air conditioning system but somehow it does not work or the cooling is not up to the mark. May be I have an answer. Your windows, yes! Windows with well insulated frames and double glazed glasses are the new trend. These windows will not enhance your cooling or heating system’s performance but will also add to your savings on bills. So to cut the heat this summer, get your old windows changed.

2. Roofs: Roof can be made up of a huge variety of materials like clay tiles, steel, copper, glass or polycarbonate sheets. But this should depend on the climate you live in. To stand through harsh climatic conditions you need to have a roof that is strong and gives insulation against the weather. So watch out before you select your roofing material. Polycarbonate roofs will provide your great insulation but will become really noisy when there is snowfall or rain. Glass windows are also a good option as they look beautiful for a conservatory but gets really irritating when it’s hot. Adding blinds or tinted film to glass roofs can help.

3. Direction: If you reside in a climate with scorching summers, you better be careful while deciding your conservatory’s direction. The amount of heat entering the conservatory depends on the position of the sun. A south-east facing conservatory will face sun for the longer hour of the day. So it would be advisable to go for north-west direction. But if already have a conservatory then you can take some precautionary measures I included in my last post.

4. Cost: The overall cost of your conservatory will depend on your selection. UPVC roofs and windows are comparatively cheaper than many other materials. While double-glazed glass windows might cost you more. If you really want to save some bucks on your conservatory then consider comparing quotes from different companies. It will get you the best deal at really affordable prices. Compare here.