Understanding Conservatory Designs Part II

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Having a glimpse and little knowledge about various conservatory designs will let you choose the best one for you. Every home is different and so are the requirements. A conservatory will give pleasure and ambience if it is built properly. A well designed conservatory can make you fall in love with the place and you will spend your whole day in it. But to find this perfect design you need to go through the options you have. Here are some more conservatory designs that were not included in Part I.

f. Gull wing conservatories: These conservatories are very similar to Victorian conservatories. The roofs are slightly bit different. They have a broad slant mid section and few angular sections on the side. These roofs cover a huge space making the conservatories horizontally wider. They add flexibility to the length of the conservatory, so if you want to have a longer conservatory, gull wing conservatory should be your call.

g. Lantern roof conservatories: Conservatories that have two roofs separated from each other via a cluster of glasses are called lantern roof conservatories. Both the roofs are either made up of glass or only one the upper one is made up of glass. By using this roof pattern, the amount of light entering the conservatory can be controlled. This is very good alternative for south facing conservatories that are prone to get excess sunlight throughout the day.

h. P-Shaped conservatories: These conservatories will give you a complete room instead of just an extension. So they are great for properties in need of large extensions. P-shaped conservatories can be transformed into living rooms if built in a good space. Anyways the area can be brought down to match the specifications of the customer.

i. Georgian Conservatories: This is yet another popular design of conservatories. With rectangular base shape it covers a good amount of space. The roofs are slanting resembling a house or hut. This is famous among home owners who are having limited space to consider for extension.

j. Bespoke conservatories: If you are not satisfied with any of these designs, then here is your final call. These conservatories are designed as per the specifications of the customer or home owner. This can be completely new design or a combination of two or more contemporary designs. For instance one can combine the roofs from a lantern-roof conservatory and the facets from the Victorian conservatories. So it depends on the taste of the customer and the design of the home for which extension is to be built.

These are some brief overviews of various conservatory designs. This will help you shortlist designs for your home and make the selection process much easier.