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Aluminium ConservatoriesFor decades, architects and designers have used aluminium as their building material. This is because of the strength, looks and long lasting performance that can be expected from it. Earlier, local councils only used to accept timber as the accepted material choice of conservatories in conservation areas, but since then, they have started to accept fully recyclable aluminium structures as trustworthy alternative to timber.

Unlike uPVC and timber, an aluminium box is strong enough to cover much larger distances without any prop up. This allows architects and designers a greater amount of freedom when they are designing conservatories. The light weight of the conservatory makes it extremely easy to handle. This makes it extremely easy to transport large pieces. Another great thing about aluminium conservatories is that is much more durable than uPVC and hardwood and requires very little maintenance over many years. Aluminium is 100% recyclable which makes it a great environment friendly option for eco conscious people. Aluminium has a higher snow load and wind load capacity while the panels can be joined together to provide an even amount of strength.

People who are obsessed with style will be pleased to know that aluminium can be painted in over a thousand colours thanks to advancements in painting technology. The deep drop rafters give the appearance of expensive hardwood. There are also numerous other options and finishes. You can have a chic, ultra modern look with glossy glass rooms or you could just choose to leave the aluminium in its natural colour and have a brushed texture style to create and eye catching look. Since aluminium comes in many different shapes, sizes and sections, you may use a thin section to create narrow sight lines in modern structures.

Because of their versatility, the aluminium sections can be joined together very closely to create an almost airtight seal. This makes draft free, leak proof and much warmer during cold winter months. You could even add high end security features to make it almost impenetrable to burglars.

In case you live in a contemporary style home, you can use a large section of aluminium to create a very suitable conservatory design for your property. You may want to paint them sharer cream or lichen green like most people, or go for a blend of black and white for a unique look.

For windows, you should choose casement windows or tilt and turn windows. In case you have a contemporary home, you should go for a traditional sliding sash or a Georgian window in a suitable colour.

As for doors, contemporary French, bi-folding or patio doors will improve the aesthetic appeal of the property to a great extent while at the same time increasing its value, not to mention improve access to the garden, patio and the courtyard.