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Bay Edwardian ConservatoriesThe Edwardian conservatory, created recently, was compared to the Victorian conservatory and has become extremely popular thanks to its unfussy design and exceedingly practical functionality, not to mention the flexible styling.

This flexibility comes into play in the bay Edwardian conservatory design. The only basic difference between a bay Edwardian conservatory and a normal Edwardian conservatory is that the bay Edwardian has a corner cut off. This is made possible by adding another hip and bay pole to generate a forty five degree angle at the corner. This new facet which is created can be on the right of the left side of the front of the conservatory. The width on this facet can be specified so that it can accommodate French doors or windows. This design is particularly useful if you need to overcome obstacles like manholes, or if you just want to add an interesting twist to the Edwardian style conservatory.

If you are thinking of getting a bay Edwardian conservatory, you need to pay special attention to the layout of furniture in the room because the width of the facet will limit the amount of floor space available to you inside the conservatory, though this is still more than the space created by the Victorian conservatory.

Like its parent conservatory, the style of the bay Edwardian conservatory has been experimented with a lot. Some choose to place bricks walls of altering heights on the sides of the conservatory to create a more trendy and chic looking extension.

It has also become extremely popular to use full height glass glazing which is thermally efficient all throughout the year. This will make it perfect as a dining room or a sitting room which gives a full view of the garden and in a way, brings the outside inside.
The bay Edwardian conservatory is quite similar to its parent conservatory in terms of structural design. The bay Edwardian conservatory can generally have a projection and width of five metres without the need for any sort of structural alteration.

If you place French style doors on the forty five degree corner facet, you will create a very interesting and fascinating central point when it is viewed from the inside of the conservatory because the full glass height of the doors will attract the attention of the viewer. The addition of the hip will also enhance the view from the inside of the conservatory. The only drawback of this design is that it isn't necessary that the roof spas will line up with the roof ridge because of the inconsistent length of the left and right side walls.

To put it plainly, if you have just moved into a new home, and are looking to add a practical and low maintenance conservatory like the Edwardian conservatory, but have an obstacle in your path, then the bay Edwardian conservatory is the way to go.