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Conservatory Roof VentsSince the first ever conservatory, engineers, architects and designers have tried their level best to address the issue of overheating. They have tried a number of methods like treating the roof and using appropriate glazing material. The simplest solution is to add opening windows or a thermally broken roof ventilator. Although these things can be added to a conservatory at a later date, they make an enormous difference to the comfort level in your conservatory.

As is common knowledge, hot air is lighter than cold air, hence it rises. Therefore, heat will build up near the roof of the conservatory; consequently, the roof is the most reasonable place to add a ventilator. The first time roof vents were used they were not adequately engineered, hence they leaked rain water and lost heat during winters. However, thanks to modern technology and engineering, the vents that are used these days have overcome these initial pitfalls and now perform well during the entire life of the conservatory.

The most fundamental vent is the manual roof vent. This vent has a spindle opening operation which needs to be twisted with the help of a hand held pole and a hook. The best part about the spindle system is that it allows the owner to choose the exact amount of ventilation he needs, whether a tiny crack or fully open for the maximum amount of ventilation.

The latest vent technology allows the owner to open the roof vent with the help of a remote. A diminutive electrical motor which is driven by a chain is attached to the structure of the roof vent while then end of the chain is attached to the vent itself. When one turns the motor on via the remote, the chain is driven upwards due to the motor, hence opening the vent. The owner can choose the angle he wants to open the vent by switching off the motor when it reaches the angle he desires. The best part of the motorised remote control roof vent is that, since it is controlled vioa remote, one can open and close the roof vent while sitting comfortably in an armchair. The hottest in roof vent technology is a computerised system which automatically activates the motor when a certain temperature is reached and closes when rain or snow is detected. All this can be overridden with the help of a remote control.

Even though there are many options to choose from when choosing a method to cool your conservatory, a roof vent is the simplest and best option. Although you need to make sure that u add enough roof vents during the design and construction phase to make sure that you can get rid of any hot air immediately. Roof vents will add to the initial cost of the conservatory, but since it is an essential component of a conservatory, it is best not to cut any corners.