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Edwardian ConservatoriesThe Edwardian style of conservatories became very popular during the reign of King Edward VII. Even though his reign was quite short, this style continues to be in fashion. Edwardian designs are characterised by a large floor space which is created by the square/rectangular design. The best thing about the Edwardian style of conservatories is that it will suit almost all types of bungalows and houses, thanks to its simplicity, while the adaptable roof height is especially useful when the height is restricted. This makes the architecture of Edwardian conservatories less exacting and more convenient than Victorian conservatories.

The volume of space created in an Edwardian conservatory is a lot more than in a Victorian conservatory because a lot more space is created using the same width and projection. These days, it is very common to use brick walls of varying heights along the different sides of the conservatory. This creates a very attention-grabbing and contemporary style.

Thanks to the current advances in technology that are available to conservatory constructors, it is now possible to have a conservatory which is made completely out of glass which makes it efficient all throughout the year. This design of conservatory is usually used as a dinning or sitting room since it offers a very picturesque view of the garden. Earlier, many people mistook conservatories to be greenhouses, but thanks to the unique style of the Edwardian conservatory, this common mistake has been laid to rest.

An Edwardian style conservatory is usually 5 meters or higher in its projection and width; this is even before any modification to the structure is made. This makes a very large open space inside the conservatory which can be used as a living area, workspace, eating area, or a playing room for children.

During recent times, the Edwardian style of conservatories has become immensely popular among home owners, especially those who have just purchased the property. Some experts say that the Edwardian style of conservatory is like an extension of the house rather than a conservatory.

If you have just bought a new home or are planning to renovate your existing house and create additional living space, a carefully planned and executed Edwardian style conservatory could make a very reasonably priced option to your home extension needs.

As with Victorian conservatories, you have a choice of 3 bases for the Edwardian conservatory: