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Hipped Edwardian ConservatoriesHipped Edwardian conservatory, also known as a Georgian conservatory, is in essence, two separate Edwardian conservatories which are joined together at the back. This design of conservatory imitates the roof structure of a contemporary house. It has four pitched areas which come together at a centrally located roof ridge.

The ridge on the roof of the structure can either be perpendicular to the wall, or parallel to it. If you decide to construct the roof ridge perpendicular to the wall, the maximum projection rule of 5 meter width and 5 meter height applies. But if you decide to make the roof ridge parallel to the wall, the maximum projection rule still applies, but you are free to use any width. This makes the hipped Edwardian conservatory an extreme popular style when you require large floor areas.

The square or rectangular design of the hipped Edwardian conservatory provides the most efficient use of floor space, while the flat walls and the sloping roof creates the effect of a bigger room while making good use of natural light.

The hipped Edwardian conservatory can be thought of as an upgrade to the lean-to style of conservatories if you are thinking about adding a conservatory extension to a bungalow, or any other place where there is a restriction on the height of the conservatory. At the place where the conservatory roof and the host wall meet, there is a need to install an aluminium box gutter. This serves two purposes; it enhances the structure of the Hipped Edwardian conservatory, which allows it to carry the weight of the roof, while at the same time collects and drains rain water. There are a number of box gutter designs available and each of them is there suit a particular construction work. If the projection of the conservatory is more than three metres or the glazing material used on the roof is toughened glass, then a structural tie bar becomes necessary.

To improve the looks of the hipped Edwardian conservative, you can add traditional French doors to it, which gives the conservatory a very contemporary look, but if you are looking for a more modern feel to your conservatory, you should replace the standard beams with reinforced beams and add folding sliding doors.

The hipped Edwardian conservatory design is an especially popular choice when deciding to have a conservatory extension for commercial reasons. Bars, hotels and especially restaurants use this design of conservatory because it as a very economical way of constructing also creates a separate indoor-outdoor area which can be used all year round, not to mention the stunning and eye catching effect of this conservatory. Even if you are planning on constructing a conservatory for your home where there is no height restriction, it is advisable to select hipped Edwardian conservatories because of their beautiful design and shape.