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Hipped Lean to ConservatoriesLean-to designed conservatories are some of the most popular styles of conservatories in the United Kingdom thanks to their cheap cost, low maintenance and the functional design. Unfortunately, many people who wish to buy conservatories are put off by its boxy design. The hipped lean-to conservatory was introduced to improve the looks of the lean to conservatory. The unique design of the roof overcomes obstacles like fans and pipes which can be found on house walls. Since there is no predetermined width of the roof bar which attaches to the house wall and is parallel to the ground (also known as a roof bar), the hips of the conservatory can be adjusted to avoid the complications which are on the wall of the house.

The pitch roof of the conservatory between the front and the side panels cannot vary more than ten degrees. This is because the hip bar of the conservatory cannot allow any more than that. This means that there is a limit to where you can place the hip bar, either to the right or left side at the rear of the conservatory.

The Hipped lean-to style of the conservatory is usually used when the width of the conservatory is about twice the projection. This helps create a more balanced look which is aesthetically pleasing. The roof of this conservatory doesn't look very good if the projection and the width is of similar length. The best thing to do would be to keep the hips of the conservatory at forty five degrees in relation with the front of the conservatory while the pitch of the roof slope should be about ten degrees.

The maximum amount of projection that is possible on a hipped lean-to conservatory without the need for structural augmentation is about four metres. But, just like the hipped Edwardian and its parent design, the lean-to conservatory, there isn't any restriction on the width or the need for the use of structural tie bars as most of the load is held by the wall of the house. The view of the roof from inside the conservatory is also quite interesting thanks to the hips. The pitch of the roof and the non-intrusiveness of the structural tie bars creates a voluminous space inside the conservatory.

The hipped lean-to conservatory is a very unique and modish interpretation of the contemporary lean-to conservatory. The hipped sides of the roof let extra sunlight come into the conservatory, making it the perfect place where one can sit and loosen up by reading a book or by exercising.

All these factors make the hipped lean-to conservatory the ideal choice for the new group of conservatory buyers who are looking for a stylish and reasonably priced addition to their homes, but do not wish to lose out on quality.