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Oak ConservatoriesOak structures have been a status symbol in British society for centuries. Seasoned oak is one of the most attractive, beautiful and not to mention durable structures among all of the hardwoods. It's no wonder that architects and builders have always preferred to use oak when they build castles or ships.

Due to these reasons, oak is one of the most popular hardwood which is use to construct conservatories. It is arguably, one of the most beautiful of all materials used for constructing conservatories, but it is not a viable option for people who have a limited budget as oak is substantially more expensive than standard timber. But, if you are looking for a conservatory which will increase your property's value by a sizeable amount, then you can do no better than an oak conservatory.

Oak trees can be found all across Europe as they thrive in the temperate climate. The most popular variety used for construction is the English oak. Its superior workable properties mean that more or less any shape and design can be made by hand or by using a machine. Throughout the centuries, skilled carpenters have managed to construct elaborate structures like monasteries and beautiful houses by utilizing carpentry methods like mortises, tenons and dovetail joints to create an eye catching and a structurally strong building.

As the oak ages, it develops its own unique character, as the surface of the hardwood splits and creates crevices. You do not need to worry about anything as these cracks are purely aesthetic. The centre of the oak remains structurally strong, as can be seen in many oak conservatories in the United Kingdom which are still intact, even after continued usage. This makes the oak conservatory a spectacular addition to any home. The warm hues of the hardwood can be brought out by simply treating it with wax and thus greatly improving the atmosphere in the conservatory. There are two types of oak hardwoods to consider when choosing a material for your conservatory.

The first is Green oak; in this the trees are much softer and full of sap. This makes them very easy to cut. Conservatories which are to be made with green oak are constructed by using large pieces of oak which is then bound together with beech pins. These automatically tighter as the green oak starts to dry and pulls the entire conservatory together. These are perfect for contemporary homes as they match the period look.

Seasoned oak is still considered to be the best substance for conservatories. The main difference being the oak is dried before manufacturing. Many people choose to put a natural oak stain on the inside of the conservatory while the exterior is painted to match the colour of the house.

Oak frames are still very popular in Britain along with the customary methods which are used to build these structures. This is because of the strength, reliability and flexibility of oak.