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P Shaped ConservatoriesThis conservatory is called P-shaped conservatory because it resembles the letter P when it is viewed from a bird's eye view. This style of conservatory is relatively new and is a combination of two typical conservatories, usually a lean-to and a Victorian style conservatory, although the Edwardian or gable end style is also becoming highly popular.
The two selected conservatories are joined together using a valley junction. But you cannot join the two in a haphazard way. The two conservatories are first drawn separately and then placed side by side. Next, cut off the rear right side of the Victorian conservatory at forty five degrees followed by a forty five degree cut to the left side of the lean-to conservatory. The two conservatories should be easy to slide together to form a P-shaped conservatory.

Remember that the wall on the right side of the Victorian conservatory has to be 400 mm longer than the projection of the lean-to conservatory so that the valley junction can be accommodated.

The P-Shaped conservatory was created because there was a 5 metre restriction on the width of a Victorian, Gable end and Edwardian style conservatories. The idea of connecting the kitchen and the living room required the conservatory to be at least seven meters wide, hence the P-shape conservatory was a logical design choice. A well designed conservatory can create a natural flow which goes through the ground floor of the house and is guaranteed to improve the everyday life of the home owner.

The P-shaped conservatory is ideal for people who own large homes with a good sized garden. This is because the P-shape conservatory runs along the wall of the house and then extends into a dome. The two separate sections will be enjoyed by people who like to have a very expansive conservatory. The long part of the P-shape conservatory allows people a complete view of the garden while the dome of the P-shape conservatory acts as a lounge. You could separate the two sections entirely so as to have two separate rooms. You could even have a living room and a dining room in the P-shaped conservatory. This would make it a perfect place for socialising and entertaining guests, while having the added benefit of freeing up space inside your house.

The biggest disadvantage to having a P-shaped conservatory is that the space outside your house will be considerably reduced because of its large size. P-shaped conservatories should only be installed when you have enough room in your garden.

People who are thinking about getting a conservatory installed in their home cannot do any better than buying a P-shaped conservatory. It will not only be useful as a room, but it will also be a fashion statement. The P-shaped conservatory is guaranteed to make your house the envy of your neighbours.