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T Shaped ConservatoriesThe T-shaped conservatory is a very modern concept when it comes to conservatories. Like the P-shaped conservatory, the T-shaped conservatory is formed by combining different conservatories together. The T-shape of the conservatory is formed when the top of the 'T' is joined to the house while the bottom part of the 'T' extends out from the centre. This central section of the conservatory is its most striking feature and it is usually styled to be an Edwardian or a Victorian conservatory.

The difference between the T-shape and the P-shape conservatory, other than its shape, is that in the T shape, the living area is placed centrally in the structure, rather than at the corner. The main benefit of having a T-shaped conservatory is that it greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of a dull and boring house.

If a home owner wishes to have a conservatory with a nine metre width and a four metre projection, he will have to choose between a regular lean-to or a hipped Edwardian/lean-to. If he really likes the space created by the lean-to conservatory, but isn't satisfied with the dull and uninteresting design, he can choose to get a T-shaped conservatory. A four and a half meter gable end conservatory, inserted into the centre of a hipped lean-to conservatory and with an overall projection of five metres from the house will create a remarkable look. The unique and adaptable design of the house means that it can suit almost all types of large houses. For bungalows and other places where there is a height restriction, a hipped back roof along with a box gutter can be added.

Since the T-shaped conservatory is quite large. It is best suited for bigger homes. Smaller houses will not be able to accommodate such a shape. It is also well suited for houses which have a large garden because the bottom section of the T-shape will take up some of the space.

People usually take good advantage of the large size of the T-shaped conservatory by dividing it into two different sections. The most common technique is to use the section which is attached to the house as a dining room while the extended section is used as a garden room or a lounge provided the section is big enough. The large size is also ideal as a play room for children.

A well designed T-shaped conservatory with a treated glass roof will increase the value of the property more than the cost of building the structure. The design that you choose to combine when constructing the T-shaped conservatory should be dependent on the architectural style of your house.

The impressive and eye catching looks of the conservatory on the house are matched by the view from inside. By utilizing base walls of different height and full height glass, you can boost the view to the garden by creating a panoramic view of it.